Masonville Orchard Locations

Our five orchards are located in the beautiful Masonville Valley, in the foothills near Stove Prairie, on the plains close to Briggsdale, in fertile farmlands outside of Ault, and our largest orchard is just north of Fort Collins overlooking the entire Front Range.  These five locations provide unique and very different conditions for growing our fruit. 

With the five different micro climates, we have the opportunity to grow a wide variety of fruit for your enjoyment.    

This photo shows the first year of our Masonville Valley orchard expansion.  These trees should start producing in 3 - 5 years.



















                                                                                                              Year 2 of the Masonville Valley orchard expansion.



The Briggsdale Orchard.                                                                                             Troy with an unexpected surprise, year 4 of the Masonville Valley

                                                                                                                                         orchard expansion and the trees are loaded with blooms.